Sunday, August 17, 2008


Another beautiful day for running! 65 degrees overcast with no wind. It just doesn't get much better. Also I had a new running partner for today. Her name is Tricia and she is a travel nurse from Montana. She works in the recovery room at UMC with my wife. I met her for the first time at Deborah's wedding where we danced and drank wine. haha Anyway, her son-in-law was killed in Iraq almost a year ago and she and her daughters made up their minds to run the Marine Corp Marathon in October in memoriam. She came over last night for supper and as we got to talking I found our that she was needing to run 12 miles today. What a coincidence! Me too! So she came over this morning about 0930 and we took off out to 1585. This was to be her longest run to date and she was thrilled to have the company. Anyway, her pace is considerably slower than mine but it worked out well since I could run ahead and then loop back to pick her up. She did really well and I feel like she is right on target to run the marathon quite comfortably in October. All in all, it was a really nice run. My total mileage for the day ended up being 12.8 miles. I am still really feeling good so I'm stoked. And Tricia was totally elated at making the 12 miles. Man, I love running!

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