Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Just a quick blurb to let ya know how I'm doing. My legs are feeling perfect again, maybe just a slight bit of fatigue in the quads but otherwise good. My left big toe where I kicked the root is pretty sore still. I wish the toenail would just go ahead and give up the ghost. Stupid toenails just get in the way of progress anyway. ha I have an 8 miler with the WTRC scheduled for Saturday and it's a nice flat out and back so it should make for a good recovery run. My son has asked to run the 4 miler so we'll see how he does. He's a wiry little squirt so I have loads of faith in him. I'll keep ya posted.

In the pic are my kids.............Zach, 10.5 years and Makenzie, 9 years


AnthonyP said...

Hope the recovery run goes well. Those roots are something...I swear there were more of them the longer I was out on that course.

Mark "NakedRunner" said...

Yeah, I definitely plan on running tires next year for my training plan. ha Hope you get to feeling better as well. Start hitting the Vitamin C big time. Take care.