Saturday, February 9, 2008

02/09/2008 Cotton Patch Run- WTRC

Today was the Cotton Patch Run with the West Texas Running Club. My plan was to run the 8 mile race as a recovery run. Impossible! If there are people out there racing then you're obligated to race too. ha My legs still felt pretty fatigued from last Saturday but all in all I felt OK. I ran it in 1:10. About an 8:49 pace. Not bad I don't think. I got to chuckling as I came in to the first aid station at 2 miles out. I thought to myself, "Where's the brownies and M&M's??!!" Oh, well, I just grabbed a cup of Gatorade and took off again. I can't wait til next month for the Grasslands 50.

So my son, Zach ran the 4 miler and I think he was the only kid in his age group that did it. The rest of the kids ran a relay with 4 kids to a team for a mile each. So CONGRATULATIONS TO ZACH FOR BEING THE STUD OF THE DAY!! He ran it in 38min and 42secs and won first in his age group!! What a man!


AnthonyP said...

Well done ! Amazing to see your boy out there.

Mark "NakedRunner" said...

Thanks, Anthony! I'm very proud of him. I love it that he likes to run. Yesterday was his longest distance and he handled it like a champ! Take care!