Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's cloudy and cold out today. It rained like crazy overnight. And I can't get off of my LAZY ass to go do ANYTHING!! I am sitting here in my running gear with a beanie on my head, trying to force myself outside...............and I am half-falling asleep. I have a hand bottle in the fridge ready to go and everything but nothing is working. I believe that when it gets that hard to get out the door then you probably need to take the day off. At least that's my rationalization for it. Probably here in a little bit I will do some upper body strength training and core work but no running for today. Soooo lazy!

C'est la vie!! and Que sera, sera!!

The post above this addendum was written about 2:30pm. About 3:30pm some energy (that I guess fell out of the sky) hit me and I got up and ran a nice little 5 mile loop around the house. The coolness of the air made it more exhilarating than originally anticipated so that was a big plus. I maintained about an 8:30 pace without too much effort so I think that's good as well. So once I got home I hit the weights and worked chest and arms, then did 100 crunches on the stability ball. Yeah!!

Ain't life weird??

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