Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2/26/2008 La Sportiva Raceblades

Okay, since La Sportiva discontinued my favorite shoes, the Slingshots, I have switched over to running in Raceblades. I really like them even though they are a little more shoe than I am used to. I ran the Bataan Memorial Death March in them last year and really liked them but at that time they rubbed a blister on my right middle toe. So for some reason I had totally dismissed the idea of continuing to run in them. Anyway, fate has forced my hand and I ordered a new pair that is a size larger than the ones I wore last year. I love them! They are amazingly light and comfortable. And, man, you cannot beat the color scheme of these shoes. If you can't see me coming then you have a big vision problem! Once again, ain't life crazy??


AnthonyP said...

The color scheme is something else.

Lars said...

I`ve seen these shoes months ago in New Jersey...Here in germany you can`t get ´em! Sick!!
By the way: Why "naked runner"? Kinda minimalistic-style running? Tell me more, like they are saying in "Grease"....;-D