Monday, February 25, 2008


After working the last three days I was finally able to get outside this morning and put in about 6.5 miles. Life has really gotten (gotten's not really a word, I know, but we use it here in Texas)in the way of my running lately. I am really having doubts as to if I am going to be ready to run the Grasslands in 25 days or so. I think that if I can get in at least a 20 miler or so by the time of the race I will be okay but who knows. I will just keep trying to push myself and see what happens. I am now considering looking for another job with a little more flexibility in the schedule and possibly even going back to school. The ER is so busy now that it's not even fun anymore. The hospital is so full that we have to hold admitted patients in the ER since there are no rooms at all. So in essence, we are running an 8 or 9 bed Level 1 Trauma Center. Crazy! I've been working ER for over 11 years now and it is definitely not the same. The fun days at work are over I'm afraid. Again...........c'est la vie!

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AnthonyP said...

You'll be fine for Grasslands. Amazing how over-loaded the ER'd think that people would talk about opening up another hospital, or at least adding-on to get additional beds. You guys have it tough when the place is jam packed.