Monday, February 9, 2009

2/9/2009 Short Update

Ok, back from Rocky where EVERYONE I talked to had an amazing, goal-realizing race! The whole group that I knew that was doing the 100 miler came in under 24 hrs, except for Wayne, but from what I heard he still set a PR! So congrats are in order all around! Good job everyone! It was a fantastic weekend of meeting up with older friends and making some new ones! I'll post a full report in the next day or so, once I can wake up good! Oh, and I set a new PR for myself! I ran this year's Rocky in 9:50, beating my old PR by 35 minutes! Whoo hoo!!


AnthonyP said...

You ran a fantastic race. Great job. But now that you have hit sub-10 hours in the 50, isn't it time to bump up the distance ? :)

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

After I get done with the Texas Grand Slam I will definitely start thinking about it! One thing I learned at Javelina is that 100 miles is a "long fucking way to run!" ha Peace!

Bob - said...

Congrats Mark, that is a sweet pace over 50 mile!!

Great Job and ya 100 is a long way BUT you have more time to puke, vrap ur pants, get more blisters and eat more gooey type of gels, isn't that worth it --lol