Saturday, February 28, 2009

2/28/2009 Back to Work

I head back to work tonight for the next 4 nights. Yuck! That damn "needing money" thing is always getting in my way! It's hard to live life when you are stuck at work all the time. ha It's not that bad in all actuality. I get the days off that I need for my races and I really do like my job, believe it or not.
So Aubrey and I got out and ran a little 4 miler yesterday just to loosen the ol' legs up a bit. I'm still a little stiff after Cross Timbers but I felt decent. I took today off except for a good strength training workout and I plan on running a little in the morning if I don't get my ass kicked tonight. There's always a chance that will happen on a Saturday night. We'll see what happens. Peace!


Dave said...

Are you going to Grasslands?

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Yes, sir! It's part of my Grand Slam. My son, Zach, will be coming with me as well. Hope to see ya there! Peace!