Saturday, October 4, 2008

10/4/2008 Crossroads Marathon Report

Today was the inaugaral Crossroads Marathon and it went off without a hitch! The race started pretty much right on time, the course was beautiful, the aid stations were great, and the start/finish area was really cool. Aubrey and I stayed very true to our normal pace and walk/run ratio and ran it in just about the same time as Albuquerque. We finished in 4:30-something, feeling strong at the end. The only bad part of it all was the 15-20 mph wind directly in our face for the last 10 miles of the run. That was NO FUN! However, I have absolutely no soreness in my legs so I am really pleased even though I did the stupid thing and wore my new Speed Cross 2's. Of course that was a gamble but they're new shoes and I HAD to try them out, ya know! I really like them. I think they will be an excellent replacement for my New Balance mr790's. Still light but more cushioning. Anway, all in all, a GREAT day!! Ready for Palo Duro in two weeks!

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