Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My cell phone started ringing this morning at what I consider to be a fairly early hour. I was sound asleep. Apparently, Aubrey had been at work all night and was ready to go run at 8am. He said he was getting very focused on his running now. I told him that just because HE was focused (finally after 5 months), it didn't mean he could wake ME up at 8 in the am! ha Anyway, I went ahead and rolled my lazy ass out of bed and we headed out to 1585 and ran an easy 6 miles. It really felt good to get out there earlier than usual. It was much cooler and less traffic.

I head back to Hobbs for the next 3 days but I am hoping to run at least one of them. I guess we'll see. I am really ready to be home for awhile.

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