Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/28/2009 Here we go again!

Ok, back on track! Obviously I've been out of pocket for the last couple of weeks but things are being put back in order. I've been able to get out and run pretty much every morning before work and have been feeling pretty terrific. My mileage for week before last was about 25 miles and then last week was about 20. I took this weekend off to watch friends rock it out at the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3. My friend, Stanton, came up from Wichita Falls and stayed the weekend with us. This was his first half Ironman and he really did well, finishing in 6:18. Aubrey set a PR for his 70.3, finishing in 6:44. The weather was really perfect I thought. It rained for a good part of the bike leg which kept the temps down. One poor kid, about 16 years old, bit it hard right at the entrance to T2. He took the turn too sharp on the slick asphalt and went elbows and assholes over the handle bars. I felt sorry for him cuz he did get pretty banged up with road rash but he went on to finish his race since he was only doing the sprint distance.
Aubrey hosted a couple of pro guys and one pro girl at his house this year. Both guys are Australian and one of them, Leon Griffin, won the 70.3 last year in a time of 3:58!! Freaking crazy! Today, he took second in 4:03 and the other guy, Simon Thompson, took 3rd! It was really cool hanging out with those guys! They were interesting, funny, and just downright cool to talk to! The girl, Uli Bromme, was born in Germany and then raised in Canada. She's only run a couple of races as a pro and she finished this race in 4:55, a fantastic time! And to top the day off, Aubrey's stepson, Geoff, ran the sprint and finished 46th out of 211 finishers! Kickin some ass!!

So it was a fun, fun weekend but the work will start again tomorrow. I am picking up the mileage a little this week and also plan on incorporating the Tabata Method into my workouts a couple of times a week. That should be pretty interesting........and painful! I'll keep ya posted!

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