Sunday, February 7, 2010

Training for Cross Timbers Trail Marathon

Well, training is a little slow going actually. I've been putting in loads and loads of interval training sessions on the treadmill set on a pretty decent incline, but not too much running outside. I just can't get into a long run mentally when I spend the entire time freezing my ass off! I am such a flipping pansy when it comes to cold weather!! For all you guys that ran and actually finished Bandera this year in those conditions........MY HAT'S OFF TO YOU!! I mean, dude, it was freaking cold out there! Anyway, hopefully next weekend will be warmer and I can get in a good long run. I've realized that it really doesn't take much training to just finish a marathon so I should be good. I'm not looking to place or anything, just enjoy the trail since it's so amazing!


Dave said...

See you at Crosstimbers...will be doing the 1/2 with that blasted pack...

Chris said...

Hey Mark. Just checking in on your blog to see why I hadn't seen you at Bandera or RR. Besides Cross Timbers what races are you hoping to do later in year?

Paul Mastin said...

I finished RR in my VFFs! I'll be wearing shoes at CT, though. I'll look for the naked guy. I'm running the 50. Don't make fun of me for going so slow. My goal is 13:59:59. If I can beat that I'll be elated.
See you there!

Mark C. Smith, "The Naked Runner" said...

Hey, Chris,
I'll be heading to Grasslands for the 50 and then after that.............I'm not sure. I start back to school in March so I'm not sure how much time I'll have.
Considering how damn cold the weather will not find a naked guy at CT! ha I'll be the dude in the parka, probably! Great job running Rocky in the VFF's! I bet that trail felt fantastic underfoot! See ya Saturday!