Saturday, December 26, 2009

Am I a Scrooge?

I have to honestly say that I am so glad the Holidays are over! They wear me the Hell out!
Maybe I can focus now. I'm seriously wondering if I will be able to get ready for a 50 miler in 5 weeks. I think I may be really cutting it close. I'll really need to bust my ass! Anybody have thoughts on that? If not Rocky Raccoon then maybe Cross Timbers?
I've been training a lot in my Fivefingers, however, I went ahead and ordered a new pair of the MT100's by New Balance. I just don't think that you should skimp on the rock protection offered by a good trail shoe during an ultra. I think that running Rocky in the Fivefingers would be a blast simply because that course is so amazingly soft!
Ok, so it'll be interesting to see what my body can do within five weeks. The race is on!


Dave said...

I am thinking your body has a good base and you mentally know what it takes. So yes, I think you could be ready to at least finish the 50M...but maybe not expect to set any PR's. (I bought a pack today and am ready to get started...)

jesusandmises said...

Mark, I found your blog looking around for cross timbers info. I've been running in VFFs a lot; I ran White Rock in them and set a new PR. I have been considering the new trail VFFs, and wondering about Rocky Raccoon. You say the trail is soft--is that pretty consistent? I was thinking of running RR in VFFs but don't want to regret that 1/2 way through. What do you think?

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Brother, I must say that if you can run WhiteRock on pavement in VFF's and still feel good afterwards, then you can ABSOLUTELY run Rocky in them! I would highly recommend that you NOT use them for Cross Timbers if you go. Way to many hidden rocks beneath the fallen leaves! Contact me anytime and let's talk about it!

jesusandmises said...

Thanks, Mark!
I went to buy some VFF treks today with my Christmas gift cards, and they didn't have my size. I was told they're having a hard time keeping VFFs in stock! I am going to run some trails tomorrow; I may wear my sprints, just to see how they do on trails. I'm aiming for the 50 mile grand slam this year, so I'll look for you at some of those races. Check in at my blog,
Happy running!