Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15/2009 Rocky Hill ready!

The last one in the bunch coming up! I am ready to git er done! It'll just be Zach and I again, camping out at the race start. Also the Crownovers will be close at hand and that will be great for Zach. He loves spending time hanging out with Noah and Micah just romping through the woods and fields. Good times! This course should prove to be a little bit more diverse than the Grasslands and hopefully I will be a little more engaged. I feel pretty well trained up and am feeling pretty good the moment. ha Teresa McCoul sent out an email and she is giving the Grand Slam finishers a spaghetti dinner on Friday night and a barbecue Saturday evening after the race. I, personally, think that's pretty cool. She's even offering veggie options for us weirdo veggie-people there. ha Alright, so, let's see how it goes!
I'm ready for a couple months of rest and relaxation. Also getting settled into the new job, starting Monday, April 27th. I can't wait for that! Peace!


Rick Gaston said...

Mark, awesome that you are finally wrapping up your series. It's been a long road my friend and you are set to go for the last and final one. How good is that bbq going to taste like Saturday night? BBQ on Saturday a few cold brews on Sunday. Good luck.

AnthonyP said...

Nice work on knocking out your 50 series. Best of soon as you are finished, starting thinking 100s !